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The legislative authority of the state shall be assumed by the People’s Assembly in accordance with the manner prescribed in the Constitution.

The People's Assembly

  • The People's Assembly term shall be for four calendar years from the date of its first meeting and it may not be extended except in case of war by a law.
  • Members of the People’s Assembly shall be elected by the public, secret, direct and equal vote in accordance with the provisions of the Election Law.
  • The Assembly shall call for three regular sessions per year; the total of which should not be less than six months, and the Assembly’s rules of procedure shall set the time and duration of each of them.
  • The Assembly may be invited to extraordinary sessions upon the request of the Speaker, one third of the members of the Assembly or the Assembly’s office.

The People's Assembly undertakes the following functions:

  1. Approval of laws;
  2. Discussing the statement of the cabinet;
  3. Perform a vote of no-confidence in the cabinet or a minister;
  4. Approval of the general budget and final accounts;
  5. Approval of development plans;
  6. Approval of international treaties and conventions related to the safety of the state, including treaties of peace, alliance and all treaties related to the rights of sovereignty or conventions which grant privileges to foreign companies or institutions as well as treaties and conventions entailing additional expenses not included in its budget; or treaties and conventions related to loans' contract or that are contrary to the provisions of the laws in force and requires new legislation which should come into force;
  7. Approval of a general amnesty;
  8. Accepting or rejecting the resignation of one of the members of the Assembly.