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New Type Approval Registration

تقييم الخدمة
Service Description

Service provided by the Authority, where a specific type registration is made for Radio and Telecommunications Terminals Equipment (RTTE) that could be used in Syrian Arab Republic without causing any interference or damage to telecommunications networks. Type Approval Certificate is issued for each type of equipment and is valid for three years, And subject for renewal.

Service Documents
  • : Type Approval Application
  • copy of - :

     Declaration of Conformity (DoC) hard copy

  • copy of : Technical specifications datasheet hard copy
  • - : Test Reports (RF, EMC, Safety) soft copy
  • copy of : for Mobile Communications Terminals, attach Declaration of IMEI security

Service Fees
  • -:

    Applying New Type Approval Application for Local Applicant

  • -:

    Issuing Type Approval certificate for Local Applicant

  1. The Local applicant must be a Valid registered dealer in the Authority
  2. A sample of wireless and telecommunications equipment terminals shall be provided for testing in cases estimated by the Authority

service Calsses
  • Business
  • Investor

Avarage process time in days
20 Work Day

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